I actually managed to find some time for some librarian-networking yesterday at the NE CILIP AGM and it was so nice to speak to other people who understood.  Being a solo can be very isolating.

The guest speaker was Annie Sauger – the CEO of CILIP – which was quite surprising for the north east I have to say.  It was great to feel that CILIP were actually interested in the NE!  She does live in York so…

Her presentation covered CILIP’s new priorities out of the consultation work that went on last year and I was relieved to see that CPD had made it onto the list along with advocacy.  I liked her idea of how librarians underpin many other roles and this has been worded into the new CILIP “vision” statement too.  I was amused to hear that CILIP is also campaiging in conjunction with the WI – a great partnership in the making I hope.

She was a good speaker – very lively and understandable and I’d certainly recommend going along to any of her presentations.

There was also a “save the date” – Mini-Umbrella 2011 will be 23rd November.


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