NE CILIP training – Google for Business

Yesterday NECILIP were kind enough to host some free training (rare in these times I know) on Google for Business.  It was presented by Karen Blakeman and helpfully the presentation is also available online for everyone to see.  This seems incredibly generous of her, and a real demonstration of how it doesn’t all have to be about cold hard cash!

I came away with lots of things to check (I was very jealous of one of the other attendees who brought his iPad and was clearly able to check these as he went along!).  My immediate concern is whether our website is compatible with mobile internet use.  I also want to do some Google searches to see how the Library comes up with different settings and browsers and so on.  I know it comes top in my personal searches for “Mining Institute” but does that work for other people?  All their algorithms are so complex these days that it’s impossible to tell.  I’ll also add some Facebook and Twitter share buttons too with the  widgets.

The seminar also highlighted a personal concern immediately led me to check my privacy settings on Google Dashboard to see what they know about me…

What did I learn?  Well I learnt to look down the side toolbar on Google at all the different sorts of searches you can do.  I didn’t realise I could search Twitter archives on the Realtime option – really useful for keeping track of a conference if you can’t attend.  I might also start keeping track of Twitter in my Outlook Inbox using Twinbox – at least that way I’ll be looking at it every day.

Overall, it made me think about how I use social media for myself as well as how I use it for work and how I can make that more effective.  I will definitely keep blogging personally but I might make use of a work blog too or at least make more use of Facebook than I currently do.  At the moment it’s only really used for event announcements.  I also need to actually use that Twitter account I set up!  I don’t think I’ll go as far as creating a LinkedIn as well though.  Not enough hours in the day.  Finally at the end, I also got a few possible contacts from Karen for my problems with Google and our library catalogue too…   So all in all, an afternoon very well spent!


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