Regional Disaster Network meeting

Yesterday I attended a meeting that I actually really enjoyed.  Unusual I know and it wasn’t just because it was a trip out in the sunshine either!

It was a meeting of people interested in setting up a regional disaster network.  Not to have more disasters I hasten to add, to help each other recover from them.  It was great to see such good will and community across museums, libraries and archives from both small one-man-bands and giants like Tyne and Wear Museums (TWAM).

There was surprisingly low take up though – from the whole of the North East (Berwick down to Teesside) there are only 28 members so far.  So one option is to use social media to promote it, and the strengths of the internet to share information.  Thanks to my social media workshop last week I felt fully able to discuss the pros and cons (thank you Karen Blakeman!) and we now have a Google Group ( and we will have a Facebook page and possibly a website via WordPress.

In the future the group will be running practical salvage training, setting up a call out tree for help, and offering advice with disaster and continuity planning.  All a reminder to me that the disaster plan hasn’t been updated recently…



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2 responses to “Regional Disaster Network meeting

  1. Great to hear about this. I’m on the working group of a similar network, the Yorkshire Rapid Response Network, which has been going for about 4 years (since the 2007 floods). It offers so much training and support, especially for smaller organisations. We’ve had plenty of high quality free training and this Christmas a small museum’s collections were saved from disaster thanks to the group! Anyway, if anyone in this group wants any advice from Yorkshire folk, delighted to help!

  2. Karen Barker

    How often do you train? How large is your group and have you split your group into areas and thats just off the top of my head any information you feel we should know would be greatfully recieve and feel free to join our google group and comment on what extra material we should have there – do you have an information network we could access????

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