Umbrella 2011

Well, that was a whirlwind experience!  Umbrella 2011 seems to have approached, happened and finished in a matter of moments.  I have to say I had a great time although I’m still trying to digest all the new ideas.

Before Umbrella, I looked at the sessions and I expected to come away with new ideas about metadata and volunteers in libraries.  Whilst I certainly enjoyed those sessions, I also came away with many other things to follow up.  Both the metadata and the volunteer sessions (Sessions B3 and E4) did give me useful solid information, but also made me feel part of a community of librarians and professionals who were all dealing with the same issues and problems.  The groan of experience when someone asked a question about how you fire a volunteer showed that…

Completely unexpected things to investigate included Koha/Open Source Library Management Systems and QR codes for displays as well as Google+.

The volunteering session also reminded me that a huge part of contribution volunteers can play is outside the time they actually spend at your library.  Their advocacy of your service to all the other people they meet is a massive support, just as much as a couple of hours spent cataloguing some reports.

Umbrella has also pushed me firmly onto Twitter with my first posts and a whole list of people to follow from the conference.  It also gave me a nudge to catch up with CPD23 too, even if I am 3 “things” behind!

I think I would have got more out of Umbrella if I could have followed the Tweets on a smartphone and I definitely have iPad envy after seeing the gadgets displayed by other delegates!  I would have appreciated Wifi and a plug socket as well to help me keep up on the old tech of a laptop…



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3 responses to “Umbrella 2011

  1. Hello! I think I saw you at Umbrella, near to the TeachMeet poster – I certainly saw someone with a mining library on their namebadge, and I assume that there aren’t very many of them. But I didn’t say hello – got worried about the ‘I think I might vaguely know from the internet…’ thing.


  2. I’m pretty sure I was the only Mining librarian there… We are a rare breed! I agree with Sarah – Umbrella needs to be 5 days long to meet everyone. I could have spent entire afternoons at the Exhibition but I didn’t want to miss a session – in fact, in most cases I would have liked to split myself in two and go to several sessions!
    Do say hello next time – it’s great to meet people in real life and attach a face to the username.

  3. Will say hello if I see a Mining Librarian badge again. Think I was already talking other people when I saw you, or was perhaps have 5 minutes of quiet time.

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