CPD 23 Thing #1

Well I’m a little behind with CPD23 (they’re up to Thing 7 so I have a bit of catching up to do) but I am determined to make it!  Seeing the poster stand at Umbrella also gave me the nudge to get working on this again.

So Thing #1:Reasons to take part in CPD23.

I work as a solo librarian so the chance to interact with other library people (either online or in real life) is not something to miss!  I think making connections with people and learning from their experience is a huge element which otherwise I will miss entirely.  I got a taste of this at Umbrella last week and it made me really enthusiastic to do more in the CILIP/Library world.

This was my first job out of  “Library School” at Northumbria so I’m also always eager to learn about other libraries and other ways of achieving the same goals because I don’t have much experience myself to compare against.

In addition to all of this, I want to update my skills and try and stay current in a very changing technological world with a training budget of nil!

why you’re taking part in the course. You could talk about where your career is now and where you’d like it to go, what you’re hoping to learn from cpd23, which of the Things you’re most (or least) looking forward to, how you feel about being a new blogger or how you’d like to improve your blogging, or anything else that relates to why you’re doing this!



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2 responses to “CPD 23 Thing #1

  1. Janet, Derbyshire

    Hello there,

    I thought I’d leave you a comment as you’d just added to my cpd23 blog and told me you’re a clog dancing librarian – what a thrill (we’re few and far between!) to know I’m not the only one.

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