CPD 23 Thing #3: Consider your personal brand

I will freely admit to not having spent a great deal of time thinking about my personal brand before I started blogging.  I did consider whether or not to make it clear where I worked, but I decided that was actually impossible to hide as it was such a unique library.

In terms of consistency, I kept the same username of MiningLibrarian for Twitter as well.  It was more a lack of imagination than a clear decision for consistency though!  I’m glad I did though, and I’m happy to be known as that, although I can see it would be a problem if I moved out of the field.

I do also use Facebook for both professional and personal use, although more towards personal with a dash of professional networking.  I haven’t ventured into LinkedIn yet – I don’t think I can take another website to check and manage.  Especially without a Smartphone…

I like the idea of creating a visual identity of using the same background across blog, twitter and business cards.  It is certainly something I would investigate setting up, but I’m not sure it’s a priority in my life right now!  I already have an image on my business cards, so I may investigate moving that onto my other platforms.

Activities: Google yourself.
I do have a very common name, so I added Newcastle on the end.  Out of the top 10 hits, 3 were actually me and they included this blog and two work related hits.  I’m quite happy for all of those to appear to anyone including a potential employer.


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