CPD 23 Thing #6: Online networks

This week is all about networking – online and RL.  And I can finally take a big deep breath and feel that I have caught up with everyone else!

I already do Facebook for both personal and professional use and, despite widening concerns about privacy etc, I can’t now see the world without it or at least a very similar product.  At Umbrella, people mentioned Google+ as being a possible successor, but I doubt I would ever get all of my friends to move across without some huge motivating factors!

I have heard LinkedIn mentioned regularly but I simply can’t face having another profile to maintain and check.  If I was job-seeking then I would certainly consider it and probably put a great deal of effort into making it absolutely current and professional, but in my current situation, I don’t think it would be worth the effort unless a large proportion of my contacts leave Facebook.

LSNPN looks interesting and I will certainly link up with them on Twitter and Facebook but again, I don’t want to have another Forum to check – time is of the essence here!  A useful resource to know about though, and I would love to have time/money to get to one of their conferences.


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