CPD23 Thing #10: routes into librarianship

I have to admit to an absolutely classic route into librarianship.  I did my Y10 work experience in an academic library aged 16 and enjoyed it.  I went back and worked there some more that summer too.  Then I asked the college careers advisor about University courses and we agreed it would be more interesting (although, also more expensive…) to do a first degree then a Masters in librarianship.  Off I went to study English Literature and Language at Newcastle Uni (mainly because a foreign language would have meant a 4 year degree and I didn’t feel I had time with a Masters looming) then the Library and Information Management MA at Northumbria University fulltime.

Things did get a bit more chaotic when I got my job after finishing the taught modules at Northumbria but not having yet completed the dissertation.  I did that part time over a year then moved on to Chartership.  I was lucky enough to get a great local mentor and got through quite quickly in 2009.  This was largely due to having such a crazy and varied job I think!  Lots of potential for evidence…  I then went on to do an NVQ5 in the management of volunteers, thanks to funding from CapacityBuilders.

As for what’s next, well, I’m mostly enjoying having free time for once.  I love being able to sit out in the garden on a weekend and not be thinking “I ought to be writing my dissertation/revising/doing my Chartership work”.  Heaven.  I would like to do some CPD modules in archives as I’m managing an archive without any actual training.  I’d also like to know more about RDA and how it’s actually going to affect my job as I do a lot of original cataloguing on a creaky system.  I have however promised my partner that I will never again try to write a dissertation so no PhD for me!


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