Umbrella 2011 : Beyond Pathfinder – currency of staff IT skills (F5)

 Beyond Pathfinder: currency of staff IT skills
Alan Brine, Head of Technical Services, Kimberlin Library

Pathfinder was an elearning project where a number of IT skills were listed and staff were asked to mark them as “I can” “I need reminding” or “I can’t”.  Following the survey, they offered a range of different training options.  A popular option was the Wiki The 56 Things to remind people how to do tasks that perhaps, they encounter less often.  The 56 things developed into The 67 Things.

Personally, I think this was a very useful project and an easy way to assess skills gaps in a large organisation.  It may even be applicable at the Institute with the volunteers.  I could create a similar list including different volunteer tasks such as scanning, cataloguing report series or shelving and ask people to complete it.  It could be expanded with “I would like to” and “I am not interested in” to allow for the difference in volunteer staffing where they can choose not to do a particular task!  I also like the idea of a Wiki to store information on how to complete things.  At the moment I’m on the low-tech option of a folder of “how to” sheets on desks but that can look messy.  Apart from issues with logging into a computer initially, the rest could be stored digitally.  This may be a project for my next work experience student…



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