Umbrella 2011 : Developing your library presence online: working beyond Web 2.0 (F5)

Developing your library presence online: working beyond Web 2.0
Nick Stopforth, Doncaster

This session was described as an horizon scan looking at the next 10 technological developments, some of which are already in place today.  It was about observing what other people are doing really well and taking away from the best of those and discussing these developments and their applications and implications for libraries.

All of this is looking towards Web 3.0 but as Nick pointed out, what does that mean for people who are still Web 1.0 or less?  People without a social media presence and not using Wikis etc.  It’s a big leap for them and many public library users are Web 1.0 or less.

To start us off, Nick explained the hype cycle.  A new piece of technology runs from the trigger point, up the peak of inflated expectations, down into the trough of disillusionment, then finally up the slope of enlightenment into a plateau of productivity before the next product comes along.

First up, RFID and a big recommendation for Mick Fortune’s Blog.  Thinking to the future RFID can be far more than a book alarm but only with standardisation and interoperbility.  One example already in use for visually impaired users was a pen style reader which could speak information on audio books to help people choose their own audio books.

I have to admit, at this point my laptop battery died (there was a serious lack of plug sockets at Umbrella generally!) and my notes are considerably more sketchy.

An idea that still considerably caught my eye as applicable to my job was open source data.  It’s low cost, innovative and solutions orientated with no exclusivity and no paywalls.  The main example is Koha and now I’m eager to talk to other librarians using it…


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