Sometimes it seems there are just too many acronyms and too many different sets of rules.  At university we covered AACR2 , well, the concise version at least, and MARC was at least mentioned (briefly – for about an hour!)  None of the others featured at all, although as this was 2006 I will excuse them not mentioning RDA I suppose.

My collections at work include such a wide range of material, from standard new books, to rare books, archival material and then objects.  Like this, which was donated today:

model of the underground seams of a mine

Well I can give it a barcode.  And measure it.  After that it gets challenging…  Whose rules do I use for this one?  I mostly go with an adaptation of AACR2 as the ones I know best, but perhaps switching to another set of rules would actually make my life easier?

Of course, none of them can help with where on earth I am going to store it!


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