23Things : The 23rd Thing at last!

The final Thing at last!  I tried to complete this last year, and never made it, so thank goodness I’ve managed to put some time aside this year.
In general, I love how reflective the 23Things have been.  Like Chartership, they make you think about your own working practises and styles and how you might make adjustments.

And the 23rd Thing fits exactly with what I feel I needed right now – a new PDP.  It’s been a while since I had a written one.  There’s always been something vague in my head, but not necessarily on paper.  I want to include a personal PDP as well as a career PDP into it this time, as it’s for me, rather than CILIP, which includes things like “practise the concertina twice a week and share a tune at folk club” as well as “learn more about RDA”.  They all take up the same “spare” time so I can’t expect to do everything – personal and professional are going to have to balance and share for this to work.

I won’t share the whole thing here, particularly all the personal PDP, but a key element is keeping blogging, keeping tweeting and also getting more involved in advocacy.


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