CPD23 – Thing 18: Jing / screen capture / podcasts

Another technical Thing!  I must admit Jing does sound useful.  I spend a lot of time creating instructions for volunteers in Word where I use print screen and then insert a lot of arrows and speech bubbles (which then inevitably end up pointing to the wrong thing when I change a margin size…)

Sadly I hit an immediate problem as Jing requires you to have Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed and apparently I don’t.  Whilst I do have an administrator password and I could override the system and install it, I think it’s a bit drastic for some screenshots (and my ICT systems volunteer might be a wee bit cross…)

So over to the alternative, Screen-o-matic and creating videos of your screenshots seems really easy.  Choosing formats to save them and share them is a bit more tricky for those of us not au-fait with moving images!  The YouTube solution is a good one though, although I’m not sure about showing my basic cataloguing tutorials to the world!

I will definitely give it a try for my next set of instructions for volunteers, but I think they will sadly still need a printed set to keep on the desk as well.  After all, if it’s step 8 that you’re not sure about, you don’t want to watch a video that starts at step 1, you want to flip to step 8.  Paper instructions do still have a place I think for reference.  Also, when I do my usual training with a volunteer where we run through the steps of adding an item to the catalogue, I can get feedback from them to see how confident they feel about doing this and they can ask further questions if they’re unsure so this wouldn’t work with a video tutorial.

Podcasts aren’t something I’ve used at all before, either as a user or a creator.  I did try to subscribe to one once, but I must have clicked something wrong…

I was very interested to see that there are careers podcasts for librarians (although the link has changed since the CPD23 page was made and they’re now here)  I will definitely be recommending them to my jobseeking volunteers (and potentially using myself in the future) particularly the “difficult interview questions” section.

Audacity is a program I have struggled with (and abandoned) in the past, so I am certainly going to follow up on Napier’s helpful Word doc on how to do the basics.

As for creating podcasts, perhaps we should be looking to record our lectures here at the Institute and provide them online?  But without the slides, would they make sense?  I think a video option would make more sense, but we have had endless problems trying to resolve that.

So much of the information here is visual that it is hard to use a purely audio based tool.  Perhaps as a walking guide is my only realistic thought.  One for a future project!


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