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Training people on Wordpress!

Today we did the training session for WordPress – just shows how many different hats a Librarian has to wear these days…

It went really well, the Bookbinders group are quite excited about what they can achieve from having a website, especially being able to share video of techniques.  They had other suggestions we hadn’t thought of too, like being able to find people to make a group order to get cheaper rates on supplies.

Training group at the NEIMME Library

Training group

From my perspective, I learnt to allow for any and all disasters when setting up a training session.  It is inevitable that some part of the IT will not work when you want it to and that a random library client will turn up with a long and complicated enquiry just when you want to be setting up and testing the systems!  Luckily, there was a plan B, but next time I might have a plan C and an IT person on standby…

Their blog is already looking good at:


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