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book guilt…


I indulged in a guilty pleasure last night.  A new Kindle book.  And I did indeed feel very guilty indeed.  But then I thought – why?  The book which I so enjoyed reading was a whole £2.84*.  It kept me entertained and distracted from feeling hungry (It was a 5:2 day).  It contains no calories and will require no shelf space to store yet I still felt bad about spending the money.

I quite happily spend 59p and 99p on Kindle daily deals but I always feel worried about spending much more than that.  These poor authors trying to make a living if everyone thinks like me!

Yet I also (relatively) happily spend £2.80 on a drink in a pub.  Even at the very reasonable chain pub at the end of our street, a Kopparberg will cost me that.  And it lasts for considerably less time, has calories I don’t need and isn’t re-readable later!  Compared to a night at the pub, my cosy evening was very cheap indeed!

I think part of the reason I feel uncomfortable spending the money is because you can’t really see a Kindle book.  I mean, it’s there on the screen but you can’t touch it and shelve it.  Once they’re all neatly in Collections on your Kindle, they are a little out of sight and out of mind.  And even when you’ve bought it – do you really own it?  Technically, you have just licensed a copy of it and I do always have a nagging worry that one day it will all vanish into the cloud!


*It was “A Season of Change” by Diane Greenwood Muir in the highly recommended Bellingwood series if you’re interested.


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